About us

Glow was built out of the need for a community that is designed especially for trainers to achieve their goals and reach their full potential in their careers.

We connect trainers and individuals who are involved in the health and fitness industry, and aspire to create a platform that allows us all to collaborate on ideas that can help elevate the industry.

Every step we take is driven by our mission to give trainers the place they deserve to Glow.
We are here to create a place that centers the trainer, that is tailored especially for their needs and gives them the place to Glow in their own unique way.

We have to overcome the false belief that trainers are competitors in this industry.
Together, we have the power to create a place that is beneficial for all of us, that foster inclusivity among the global trainer’s community, a place that will inspire each and every one of us to Glow.

Everyone has something to give, and this is what makes us an empowered community. Our mindset is that this growing community of trainers from all over the world, will revolve around your development, by providing you the place you need in order to Glow.

We are strong together, so let’s Glow together.

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What is Glow?

Glow is a global community of fitness trainers.
We are here to create a place that revolves around our community members' development, a place where they can learn from each other and grow their own fitness communities.

Why should I join Glow?

When joining our community, you become a part of a global group of people just like you. Ambitious trainers who are seeking to connect and grow.

You are destined to network, equip yourself with valuable knowledge for your career, and be seen and heard in your own unique way through the projects and opportunities we create for our Glowers.
Additionally, you increase your chances of being exposed to other trainers and professionals in the field, as well as potential future clients.

How do I join Glow?

For now, our operations are online - through our Instagram accounts - @glow_trainers and @glow_community_ - and on our website.
We would suggest you to follow our accounts to get notified when we launch new projects, and well, it's also fun in there!
We hope to create a platform that allows us all to collaborate on ideas that can help elevate the industry.

Additionally, since you are a part of us now - you are more than welcome to explore our different projects and see which ones you find interesting. Then, just email us and join, it's that easy!

Where does the name Glow come from? And what is a Glower?

Our community is called Glow because it’s a priority for us to give fitness trainers the place to be seen and heard. It's a place where they can share their thoughts, experiences and knowledge in the field, and as we like to say - to Glow.

A “Glower” is the name of our community members. We believe that the fitness industry shouldn’t be a competition, and we should allow each trainer to glow in his/her own unique way.

What is the difference between Glow trainers and Glow community?

They are both our Instagram accounts.
Glow trainers is our trainers' only account. This is where we announce new projects, share important knowledge and have fun activities.
Glow community is our second account, where we post health and fitness related content in general. We've created this account in order to have a greater audience to support our trainers. It's a collaboration of many of our trainers' clients, into one big global community, and we repost different members' content there.

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