Behind the Glow with Janice

Hong Kong

"I love teaching because it really takes my focus off of myself. People often think that oh you're leading the class you are the so-called performer because I teach group classes, and so many people would assume that I like the attention when actually my favorite part of teaching is putting the focus on others, and helping them become a better version of themselves.The thing is that taking that attention off of myself actually really helped me with my mental health. So I feel like I'm not only helping myself but, I'm also helping others, and that is something that I really love about being a fitness trainer."

Behind the Glow is an interview series initiated by Glow. In each interview, we sit down with fitness trainers from all over the world, our lovely, accomplished, and ambitious community members, to have an honest conversation about their journey, the fitness industry, culturally diverse, fitness advice and so much more.

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