Behind the Glow with Jewel Elizabeth

New York, USA

“I always say in fitness we could all have much easier lives, we could get a traditional nine to five desk job, have more security, have more benefits and stuff like that, but there's something that we're really passionate about that created this opportunity for us and made us say yes to it. And when you discover what that is you can figure out where your business should go. What are the things that align you or with your client and where can you have empathy for them, and then you can discover your needs. Because if you don't know why you're doing what you're doing it's really hard to decide what you should do.”

Behind the Glow is an interview series initiated by Glow. In each interview, we sit down with fitness trainers from all over the world, our lovely, accomplished, and ambitious community members, to have an honest conversation about their journey, the fitness industry, culturally diverse, fitness advice and so much more.

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