Glow Ecosystem

We strive to provide our members, the trainers, with everything they need in order to build, maintain, and grow their own empire. We want you to focus on what you love, training your clients, and not worry about anything else. ⁠⁠

That’s why, after a lot of thinking, we decided to build Glow Ecosystem - the whole platform fitness trainers need. 


Workout Spaces

Each station is built to create the ultimate workout environment and experience for fitness trainers and their clients

High-End Equipment

Our stations are equipped with a variety of high-end equipment to meets each trainers needs


No more noisy gyms and crowded parks. When booking our station, it is only yours and your clients'. We want you to thrive, make it your home, and make the most out of your workouts



A variety of different plans

Easy and convenient booking system

We get you, there are many small things that get in the way and sometimes they are a little annoying. So, we've decided to help you check off one more task out of your to-do list - when training in our station, we've got you and your clients covered

We've created a wide variety of different plans to suit the needs of different trainers. Choose the right plan for you from the variety of existing subscriptions, packages, and single rentals.

How many precious hours have you wasted on scheduling classes with your clients? We know, a lot. With us, your clients can easily and book your workouts without you having to be your own secretary, through a simple link we will customize especially for you. 


Global Community

Our community gathers thousands of fitness trainers from over 31 countries around the world - Click here and join us!

Networking Events

Enrichment and inspiration on a variety of events, gatherings, and workshops for our community members. Content, exposure and experience

Content & Resources

Equip yourself with knowledge and stay tuned to our fast-changing industry.

Our goal is that our community will grow around your development. We operate both online and offline in order to provide you with all of the tools and support you need