Glow Community

Our clients' community Instagram page


After building a professional platform that discusses topics that matter most to trainers and gives them the tools and knowledge they need to Glow, we have decided to create Glow Community, which is our second Instagram community.

It was created in an effort to grow our community and have a larger audience to support, empower, and deliver value to our trainers.

This is your place to Glow!

Glow creates the ongoing overlap between the two communities while raising the banner of trainers empowering trainers.
We aspire to create a mutual encouragement and growth between our Glowers because we know that together, we have the power to grow bigger and faster, creating a support circle we can all benefit from.

It's a page we use to give our trainers the opportunity to be seen, heard, grow their own fitness communities, and be exposed to more and more potential clients and people in the industry.

We believe trainers know best what their clients need to read and see through our community, this is why our page is built on reposts from our Glowers' Instagram pages, as well as posts they write.

*All posts must be in English