Women lifting weights?

Where does the stigma come from?

The stigma comes from a deeply rooted mainstream culture that women work out to loose weight and men work out to grow and gain muscles.

Having a muscular body counts as manly and not feminine. That is the source for the gender division at gyms. It's a well known fact that cardio machines are perceived to be for women and the weights room is for men. So it's no wonder women are intimidated by lifting weights.

Breaking the stigma

1.When lifting weights, you actually burn calories. It increases your lean body mass which makes you burn more calories during the day.

2.Lifting heavy weights shapes your body, it doesn't make it bigger. Aerobic may help you burn fat, but the secret to a tighter body is to create a solid, muscular base.

3.If you want to bulk up your body you need to bulk up your diet. Gaining muscle mass comes from the combination of heavy weight training and an excess of calories.

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