This is how you can turn your complimentary session to a long-term client - part one

One of the best ways to get new clients is by offering a free complimentary session. This is your way of showing them who you are and making them feel comfortable and welcome around you. 

This requires you to sell them your service and who you are, and, we get it, that could be tricky sometimes. This is why we’ve created this guide for you, but you should remember that selling is a skill, and that like any other skill - practice makes perfect. The more you’ll do it - the more you’ll get better. 

Do all the thinking for them

It may be kind of stressful attending a session with a trainer you don’t know yet, so just make sure they’re comfortable with the session info. 

Send them a text message the day before, reminding them of the session.

Mention where you’ll be meeting, what time, and the things they should bring (like water or a towel). You can even include instructions and a recommended place to park at, if you know it’s they’re first time at the gym or place your meeting. 

Plan the session

Take the time to really think of your client and the session itself.  And there are a few things to consider when doing that. 

Since you probably don’t know their fitness and health condition or their goals, you should build a session that will allow you to switch things up to their needs. Always have a more or less advanced alternative to each exercise, and keep the flow smooth from one exercise to the next.  For example, you can start with standing exercises, continue with tall kneeling and finishing up with floor exercises. 

Additionally, you should think of your client’s feelings. You want to make them feel comfortable in the environment you’re working out in, so if you know your clients is a bit more overweight - maybe you should think of a more quite area in the gym, or if it’s someone whose goals are to get bigger and gain muscles - you might want to train them in the weight room so that they could be inspired by other people. 

Prepare the ground  

In your first few sessions together, and especially in the very first complimentary one, you want to prepare the ground. 

How do you do that? 

Begin with asking them if any exercises cause pain or make them feel uncomfortable, they will appreciate you for that and feel that you care for them. 

Also, ask them to share their goals with you, and remember that they may have unrealistic ones, and that you shouldn't tell them that they’re unrealistic for now. It will only make them not like you and you might come out as arrogant. 

Once they commit to training with you, and trust you, you can gently work on reshaping their expectations. 

Make them feel like they belong

Going to the gym with no knowledge can be intimidating for most people. And it’s your job as their trainer to make them feel like they belong there. When the opportunity presents itself, introduce them to a fellow trainer or a client who happens to be on the gym floor. Give them a sense of the gym’s culture and community and how easy it is to fit in.

Only don’t try to over-show your knowledge, there’s a thin line between a professional and someone who’s just trying to brag about their knowledge. 

Always try to ask them for their opinion on different topics and make them feel like they’re also professionals in other topics. 

Use break for friendliness

One of the best ways to gain their trust and make them feel confident in your environment is by simply being friendly and asking them questions about their life. It would also be a good time to ask about their lifestyle and fitness condition. Only if you do that, don’t overload the client with information or advice. Modify your language to meet them where they are, and pay close attention to how they react.   

Make the session fun

This is an important one for the client’s experience with you. It could be simply showing them a new exercise that you think they would enjoy, or helping them complete their first successful workout.

Then at the end of the session, Ask your client, “Was that workout fun for you?”

Make your free session so awesome that you’re more than confident that they will reply with “YES!”


The Yes-Factor

The ‘Yes-Factor’ is one of the most popular sales techniques. Not only does it put a potential customer in a positive frame of mind, it also helps to gear them into buying-mode.

During and after your free session, ask basic “yes” questions. 

For example: “Can you feel it working?” “Shall we try this exercise?” “Do you think this would make a difference to your fitness?”  

The point of these “yes” questions is that you’re making the clients confirm over and over again that they do want to be in better shape, they do want to improve their health, they do need help in constructing their workouts and nutrition plans, and they need you as their personal trainer.

We hope you found those tips helpful, and sure you’ll rock your complimentary sessions! 

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post where we’ll give you tips on closing the sale after a complimentary session.

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