Things to consider when starting an online training business


As an online trainer, there are types of skills you need to master, which you can learn from training clients in person. Once you have those skills, translating them into the role of an online trainer is much more simple. 


This is something that should be taken seriously, and when it comes to online training, some insurance providers aren’t sure how to provide coverage. So it’s very important to make sure your insurance will cover your online services before you begin. Unfortunately, this kind of insurance is scarce, so you should at least have a privacy policy and terms of service on your website.


Software is a great way to manage your clients and automate your business. It’s important to decide on which features you’ll be needing for your business before you purchase one. Try to think about which services you’ll be providing to your clients and work your way from there.
Another way is to create a member portal on your website that includes workouts, cheat sheets, PDF guides, feedback forms, etc. This is a cheaper option but it will take a lot of time to build. 


When it comes to taking payments, you shouldn’t make it a big deal out of it and be obsessed over small percentages and payment fees. Your clients will probably trust the regular big providers in your country, so just go with them. 

Packages and pricing

To decide on the pricing that works for you and your clients, you need to think about how much time each client takes out of your week, their results and your quality of training. You should also consider what’s included in your packages. For example, you can add meal plans (if you’re qualified for it), different playlists, email contact, zoom/skype conversations, etc. 
When thinking about this stage, always keep in mind that it’s easier to increase your pricing than to decrease it. So you should start higher and test your target market until you figure out the pricing that works best for you and them. 

Your business structure

Training clients online can be done in many different ways, and before you start your online business you need to figure out the business structure you want. Are you going to do online group training? online personal training? personalized/non-personalized? PDF programs/video programs? Live or pre filmed?

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