The effects of stress on your clients

Stress can have a positive or negative impact on our body and our health, and it comes in all forms, especially in times like now. And every type of stress matters, the smallest to the biggest, because they all create a cumulative challenge. 

Exercise is also a type of stress, it’s usually, a positive type called eustress. But it can easily become distress, and have a negative effect on our body. These are compounded by many other types of stress your client may experience, such as poor sleep and nutrition, work stress, an excess of alcohol or caffeine. This is why clients who are stressed, can be exhausted and frustrated even in a very modest training program. 

It’s your job as a coach to meet your client’s current needs and status, and vary the intensities of each client’s workload to account for the stress the client carries into your workouts. Sometimes, working out harder won’t help them achieve their goals and many of them just need to watch their lifestyle.

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