Psychology of exercise - Imagery

Imagery is the act of imagining yourself doing something before doing it. It obviously won’t work with unrealistic attempts, but can really improve performance it realistic goals. When you educate your clients to visualize themselves doing something before actually doing it, you increase the chance they will actually succeed in it by increasing their self-efficacy beliefs and exercise behavior. Once your client’s self-efficacy increases, they are more likely to achieve their goals because they genuinely believe they can. This will transfer into exercise-related tasks and will eventually help them perform desired behaviors to increase performance and results. 

 So, how can you incorporate your clients’ imagery while exercising?

Simply ask them to visualize themselves doing Squats, Lunges, Jumping Jacks, or any other exercise right before doing it.  This will help them prime their muscles because by visualizing the act, your muscles are being activated even though you’re not physically activating them. How? The brain is capable of sending those signals to the musculature through imagery.  Cool, right?  

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