Online training challenges and how to deal with them

Your work will follow you everywhere

When you’re an online trainer, your work-life boundaries are blurred. Since your services are through social and online platforms, every contact with your clients is only a message or a phone call away. When you love your clients and what you do, it’s hard not to get sucked into this. But you have to. Setting boundaries as an online trainer is a necessity. It’s important to define the hours you want to work on and the hours when you disconnect. It’s also very much okay if you tell your clients the days and hours that you are available at and the ones you don’t so that they would know exactly when to reach you for any questions they may have.


There are many online trainers out there, and when there are no location-based boundaries, the competition is worldwide. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the competition. In the same way that there are many more trainers to “compete” with, there are also many more potential clients. So instead of focusing on that, try to focus on your own qualities, and uniqueness. Think about the things that differentiate you from other trainers and even try to think of the things you would look for as a client. 

can get lonely

It’s very normal to feel a bit lonely when your work is consistently sitting in front of a screen or a camera, and you may be craving human interaction. We are friendly creatures who need people around us. But this can be easily solved with the right prioritization. Make it your priority to network, attend different conferences and meet with your friends and family a few times a week. You can also combine online and in-person with a hybrid fitness business (which we will discuss on Thursday’s post). Everything to keep you sane should be a priority.


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