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As fitness trainers, you are not qualified to give specific nutrition advice and create meal plans, it’s even illegal in some states. But in most states, what you can do is give healthy eating advice and help your clients understand the dietary guidelines and how they affect their lives. So it’s important to know the basics of different nutrition goals and the scientific aspects of them.

In this series, we’re going to discuss a few nutrition aspects of different clients’ goals, the first one is to lose fat.

When it comes to fat burning and losing weight, the first thing your clients need is to cut back on sugars and carbs, for three reasons. First, when you do that you will feel less hungry, which automatically makes you eat fewer calories. Second, it lowers insulin levels, which makes your kidney shed excess sodium and water. And third, it changes the source that your body gets its energy from. your body will start to burn stored fat for energy instead of carbs.

Additionally, eating healthy fats, protein and low-carb vegetables can help your clients lose fat.
Healthy fats like butter, coconut oil or olive oil can help you stick to your plan because it can be difficult to cut back on both carbs and fat at the same time.

Protein like beef, chicken, salmon, whole eggs and beans can help you reduce obsessive craving thoughts and boost your calorie expenditure.

Eating low-carb vegetables like cucumber, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts or broccoli can also be beneficial in losing fat. They are a great source for fiber, vitamins and minerals and you can eat a large amount of them. 

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