How to talk in front of the camera like a pro?

Over the past months, with the ongoing COVID 19 developments, we are all turning our in-studio classes into online classes, and our physical meetings into video chats, which forces us to talk in front of a camera, a skill many of us aren’t familiar with.

We’ve gathered a few tips from our community members to help you talk in front of the camera like a pro!



Since it’s a new skill you’re trying to adapt, you have to practice. Try to talk to yourself while you’re in the shower or in the car, it may sound funny but it’ll help you get used to talking and hearing yourself speak. Then, try to record yourself speaking about something, or doing the workout you had planned, and ask for feedback from your friends or family. Ask them to be honest and take notes, this is the best way to improve and gain confidence. 

Have someone behind the camera

It may feel weird talking to an empty room when you’re used to training a class full of people. Ask your quarantine buddy to sit behind the camera and pretend that you’re talking to them. It can be a family member, your roommate or even your dog, just anyone that will make you feel confident.  


Sometimes, when we are not in our usual environment, we tend to forget what we wanted to say or do. Since you’re training clients, you probably have the exercises in your head already planned out, so write them down in case you’ll forget. Also, take the time to plan what you’ll say at the beginning of the workout, maybe a little encouraging speech or some motivational words, and write it down. 

Be yourself

Talking in front of the camera can be intimidating for some of us, so just remember to be yourself. Speak as you usually do and choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. Just act as you always do when you train clients.   

Mark your frame

Since you’re training and demonstrating exercises, you should place objects on the floor so that you would know exactly where to stop before you go out of frame.  

Nobody’s perfect

Last but not least, you should remember that online classes are a new concept for many of us right now. Many trainers and clients didn’t try it before and it’s okay if you mess up. The purpose of these online classes is to help all of us stick to a routine, and who knows? maybe you’ll end up finding you really like training online. 

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