How to motivate your online training clients

Setting Goals

Most of your clients will tell you their long term goals, and that’s great. But the thing with long term goals is that they are long term, and it may take a lot of time to achieve them.
When your client comes up with long term goals, you should always set some short term ones. Create a ‘road map’ for their main goal filled with short term milestones along the way. Keep in mind that the purpose of these goals is to keep your clients motivated and make them feel like they aren’t working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle for nothing, that they’re achieving something.
For example, If your client wants to lose a certain amount of pounds, you can set short term goals that are related to weight loss, like running a 5k, drinking 2 liters of water everyday, etc. 


Challenges are a great way to keep your clients engaged and increase their commitment to their goals.
Create challenges based on their goals and be as creative as possible with it. The right challenge can really help your clients understand how important it is to stick to their fitness program and can make them believe in their process towards it. They will have faith to keep going, especially if they're at the beginning and need to kickstart their healthy lifestyle.

a forum

Having a forum for your clients to use can increase the sense of community with all of its aspects. Having a community of people who are going through the same thing as you are can be extremely motivating for them. Either it’s a Facebook group, a group chat or a section in your website, it will be a place for them to encourage and empower each other. In addition, it will be easier for you to share content (or challenges) with them and will make you look professional and thoughtful.

Track their progress and remind them of where they started

Sometimes, your clients’ goals will seem to be very far away. And that’s okay and completely normal. However, your clients might feel mentally unmotivated and it could drag them down. Keeping your clients mentally motivated is a very important part of the progress, because if they wouldn’t think they could do it, they most likely wouldn’t.
Seeing their progress in front of their eyes can be very meaningful to their faith of achieving their goals.
Try to track their progress with photos or charts and show it to them every once in a while. You can even give them a monthly review of their progress. Always keep them in the loop and show them they’re making progress.

Be Positive about their journey

Everyone needs someone to believe in them, and you should be that someone for your clients. Be positive about their journey, and always show them your faith in them. Smile and have a positive attitude to boost their self-esteem. Encourage them with positive comments and focus on what they have achieved instead of what they steel need to accomplish.

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