How to market and grow your online training business

Build a website

A website can really help you reach more clients, 54% of people look online for business at their first or second contact point, and you can use that to grow your business. 

Your website should be easy to navigate and include information about you, your fitness background, your services, etc. You can use digital tools like Wix, Wordpress, Webflow or Squarespace to help you build your website easily.

Content marketing and social platforms

content marketing is very important in business growth, especially in fitness businesses where there are many content options. It has proved to be very beneficial in engaging with your current clients and be exposed to potential clients. You can post content on many different social platforms and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. It can be Instagram. YouTube, Facebook, a podcast, etc. Just make sure that your target market uses this social platform. We have a few posts about content marketing in our ‘Marketing’ highlight.

Host knowledgeable online events

Online events have the ability to let potential clients get to know you and your qualities better.
Try to think about things your audience and target market are interested in. It could be healthy recipes, meditation and mental health, knowledge about fitness and really anything, and then host some kind of an online event. People tend to participate in online events like webinars for example, simply because they don’t require them to do much, so this is a great way to network and reach more clients easily.

Be authentic and show who you are

Most people prefer to buy from someone they know, so make your audience know you. When you post on social platforms, build a website or do anything marketing-related - make sure you tell some things about yourself and show people who you are.   

Create an email list

Most people would like to hear from you several times before they decide to buy from you, and an email list is a great way to be heard. When you’re constantly sending helpful emails to people, they’re more likely to become your clients. 

Give out valuable free stuff

People like getting free stuff, and for you, it’s a great way to make them experience your services and build trust with what you offer them. They will see you as a professional that takes his work seriously. Create a free mini-course or have a first-session-for-free deal. At the end of the course or session, invite them to purchase more of your services.

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