How to increase clients' loyalty?

In today’s business climate, it’s impossible to stress just how important customer loyalty is. These tips will help you create loyal customers who will be happy to to stick with you for many years to come. 


Everyone likes to feel important, and communication is your way of showing your clients that they matter to you, and therefore increase their loyalty for you. 

Create a database of your clients’ contact information like email addresses of phone numbers and keep them in the loop with friendly notes, birthday greetings and monthly newsletter. Try to make it as useful and friendly as possible, and don’t only send them advertisements they will try to avoid.

Provide extra perks

You probably know who your most loyal clients are, and you should find ways to reward them in a way that will keep them in the loop and will make them be even more loyal. 

This way, you not only encourage them to stick around, but you also give an incentive for other customers to strive to reach that status.

Customer service

It may seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the importance of customer service. A survey that was conducted in 2013, has found that 51% of customers ended their relationship with a business because they were unhappy with the service they were receiving. 

People remember, and they talk, whether the service was good or bad. And it’s your mission to give them good things to say about you.   


This may also seem obvious, but we couldn’t not mention it. 

A study recorded the expressions used to greet customers as they entered a store, and then cross-checked with how much they spent in the store.

The study showed that shoppers who were greeted with a welcome and a smile spent up to 67 percent more than shoppers who were not greeted this way.

Give them a reason
When you give people a good product or service, they will stick to it and will be completely devoted with a passion that can’t be topped. It’s that simple. 

Giving your community of clients contests can be a great way to keep them engaged in a fun way. This is also a great way to increase your engagement on social media.

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