How to help your clients set meaningful goals?⠀

Goal setting is a powerful and crucial technique, and there are 3 parameters to help you do so. ⠀

Setting specific goals enhances motivation and exercise performance, and your clients are more likely to achieve them. ⠀

The goals mustn’t be too extensive or unattainable. If they are unrealistic, the opportunity they have for achieving them is going to be minimal. This can lead to discouragement, decreased commitment, and lack of motivation. ⠀
You want their goals to be difficult, but realistic. Clients should be able to reach them by putting in hard work and effort, but by no means should the goals be so difficult that they are nearly impossible to do. ⠀

When setting a time frame in which they will achieve the goal, you increase their motivation and commitment to the process. Whether the goals set are short- or long-term goals, if there is no set time in which they are required to achieve it they will most likely put in less effort and direct less attention to it. ⠀
Additionally, setting smaller goals to achieve daily to lead up to bigger accomplishments is the key to their success.⠀

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