How can you improve your client's happiness and performance?

As a trainer, you have the power to improve your client’s workout performance and the way it contributes to their overall happiness.


It all starts with understanding their psychology, asking the right questions, reading their emotional state, and paying attention to the things they don’t say. ⠀

What happens when you add something new to their program or tell them to do a certain exercise and they don’t like it? Most of the time, we will assume they’re just not motivated enough to do it. That is because, in most cases, our clients won’t necessarily tell us they don’t like a certain exercise, they will just do it, and many times, they do need a little encouragement to get an exercise done. ⠀

The thing is, you have to notice your client’s resistance and discomfort, because it may be a greater cause than being unmotivated, sometimes, your client may have a more significant reason for why they don’t like a certain exercise. A heavier client might not want to do a hip hinge that exposes his/her backside to scrutiny. A middle-aged guy might balk at doing an exercise that would expose his lack of strength or coordination.⠀

When you pay attention to their discomfort and show them that you truly understand it, you earn their trust and respect, and loyalty, which will bring good results for your client. ⠀ ⠀

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