Dealing with COVID 19 as fitness trainers

  1. Take this time to invest in your social media presence and show your clients you are here for them. Post content they could use while social distancing. Things like workouts they can do from home with limited equipment or different recommendations could be very beneficial right now.
  2. Consider outdoor training if you're in an area where that's possible.
  3. With many gyms closing down, there are many clients who are now available. Many people want to maintain their fitness routine, and they need you to help them do that.
  4. Try to work on an online course or an ebook of something you know a lot about. Maybe you'll have another income stream when this is all done.
  5. Take this time to to educate yourself. Read a lot of books, learn different subjects and fields you never had the time to learn about, explore different marketing tips and think of new ways to improve and spice up your workouts. The options are endless.
  6. Reach out to clients you used to train in person, clients who stopped training with you, and offer them online sessions. The thing about online training is that it's much more flexible, so if your client left because he/she had s hard time sticking to a routine and finding the time to workout, maybe this could be a good alternative for them. Also, many people would want to have some kind of a routine these days, so that might fit.
  7. Try to switch up the clients who are interested to online platforms. They are already your clients, you know their goals and you had already started your fitness journey together. Try to motivate them to keep chasing their goals even in times like now, tell them that stress can be harmful these days, and that working out can help with that. Just don't push them too hard. Understand that many people are afraid or can't allow themselves to function as they usually do. If they want to quit working out for now, stay in touch with them by sending them encouraging messages throughout this, it will help you develop a strong and engaged base of clients. It costs nothing to send a text message and many will thank you and appreciate you for caring for them.

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