Creative thinking for fitness trainers

Why being creative is important as a fitness trainer?


The ability to visualize the achievement of your goals and where you would like to be in the future is an important factor in any career. If you can’t “see” yourself achieving success, your thoughts and energy wouldn’t be synchronized with your goals.
Visualization helps us know exactly what we want and motivates us to achieve it. It can be a defining factor between the successful and the unsuccessful.

Decrease stress

Studies have found that stress and creativity can’t coexist, and creativity can actually help reduce stress.
This means you can either be stressed or creative, which one you rather be?


Creative people tend to be extremely curious, and curiosity can bring many opportunities and help you gain knowledge.
We all know that as fitness trainers, curiosity is one of the most important qualities you can have. It helps you expand your knowledge and innovate.

Be a better problem solver

To continue the stress reason on this post, the thing with problem-solving is to be creative enough to focus on the solution, not the problem. Being a good problem solver means you know how to overcome obstacles in creative ways.  

So how can you develop the creativity muscle?

Schedule your creativity time

Set a timer for 30 minutes and challenge yourself to do something creative. Write, paint, doodle, think about new ways to de old exercises you like, the options are endless.
Setting time dedicated to creativity can get you focused and make space to strike in new ways.  

30 circles exercise

Draw 30 identical circles, set a timer for 3 minutes and fill in as many circles as you can. Of course, you should get creative with it.
What this exercise does is allow you to simply ‘dump’ your ideas out on the piece of paper. It helps you kickstart your creativity by really focusing on just being creative for 3 minutes straight.
Now, try to adopt this approach to your work by thinking of 30 different variations to the same basic exercise.  

The idea machine concept by James Altucher

Challenge yourself to come up with ten new ideas every single day. You can have a different topic each day, and the topics can be related or unrelated to your work, like 10 ways to get new clients.
The purpose of this exercise is to think outside of the box and spark your creativity in a new way.

Draw the same thing every day

It can be your logo, your friend or your pet, but it has to be the same thing every single day. What it does is force you to think about different ways to make your drawing interesting. 

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