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A few posts ago, we discussed the importance of content marketing as fitness trainers. When it comes to content marketing, you need to remember that different followers follow you for different reasons. For example, some may follow you because of the fitness content you share, some because they appreciate you as a person and some because of both, so it’s important to have varied content. 

It means that you need to aspire to have a combination of different topics. You obviously don’t need to write about fields that aren’t related to what you do, but you do need to mention related topics. So, for example, if you’re a fitness trainer, you can also write about meditation, workout gear or healthy foods. And always remember to have some personal content and be your true self. 

There’s no bad time to start writing on your social media platforms to reach more clients and grow your audience, but especially now, that almost everyone spends more time on social media - it’s a good starting point.

So, we’ve gathered a few content ideas to help you kickstart your content marketing.   

  1. Answers to frequently asked questions from your clients
  2. Inspirational quotes
  3. healthy recipes tutorials
  4. Storytelling
  5. Myths about health and fitness
  6. benefits of... (meditation, yoga, stretching, eating breakfast, strength training, etc.)
  7. Common exercises mistakes 
  8. Ways to make exercising at home more fun
  9. Healthy foods to add to your menu
  10. Recommended music for different kinds of workouts 
  11. Scientific aspects of fitness/ how things work
  12. Product review (workout gear, recommended fitness apps, etc.)
  13. Favorite healthy/cheat meal  
  14. Healthy habits to start
  15. Lists 
  16. Clients success stories
  17. Templates (for motivation/inspiration/community, etc.)
  18. Best exercises for… (gaining muscle, losing fat, etc.)
  19. What happens to your body when you work out consistently
  20. Daily/weekly/monthly posts (exercise/challenge of the day, tips of the week, monthly favorite recipes/apps/articles, etc.)
  21. Share something personal (that you feel comfortable sharing) to help create more personal and meaningful connection with your audience
  22. Daily routines (morning/night routine, what I eat in a day as a fitness trainer, etc.)

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