Benefits of online training

Unlimited market potential

When you train clients online, you no longer have boundaries based on location, and you’re able to recruit more clients that might live far away from you.
It does require you to be more specific about your target market (which, if you would like to read more about, we have a whole post on target market under our ‘Marketing’ highlight) since you have much more options, but at the same time allows you to specialize in the field you really want to specialize in. In other words, you get to base your decisions about your fitness field on basically whatever you want, and not about what the people where you live needs.

Time and automation

As we mentioned in our first post of the week, there are many ways to automate your online business and use strategies that allow you to work with many more clients at a given time.
Innovations in technology allow you to do that, it makes training a lot of clients much more convenient. It doesn’t mean you have everything automated but it does allow you some freedom.

Fewer expenses

Since you deliver your services online through different platforms, it means you have no venue costs. It’s very simple to begin training online if you don’t have a lot of money and you want to be self-employed. You will have some expenses if you use software to automate your business, but automation means more clients.


Training online gives plenty of flexibility for both you and your clients. You are able to build your clients’ programs entirely around their schedule, and also recruit more clients that might not hire an in-person personal trainer because of its price. When you train online and don’t have a lot of expenses you are able to be more flexible with your prices and train this kind of clients for less money than you would charge in-person, depending on your services of course.

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